Main Objects
The main objects of the Company as stated in its MoA are reproduced below:

1. To carry on, in any part of India, the business of sinners, weavers, manufacturers, ginners, pressers, packers, importers and exporters of polyester blended viscose suiting and shirting, cotton, jute, hemp, silk, wool and any other fibrous materials and the business of weaving or otherwise manufacturing, bleaching, dyeing, printing and selling yarn, cloth, linen and other goods and fabrics, whether textile, fabric, netted or looped and of buying, selling and dealing in cotton and other fibrous materials, yarn, cloth, linen and other goods or merchandise made thereof, and generally to carry on the business of cotton spinners and doublers, linen manufacturers, cotton, flak, hemp, jute, silk, wool, yarn and cloth merchants, bleachers and dyers, makers of vitriol, bleaching and dyeing materials, and to transact all manufacturing or curing and preparing processes, and mercantile business that may be necessary or expedient and to purchase and vend raw materials and manufactured articles

2. To carry on the business as manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers and dealers in all kinds of synthetics and man-made fibers and process all such fibers, to spin, make, produce and process, bleach, dye, print, weave, tuft and finish all kinds of fiber, yarn and materials made from all kind of fiber, yarn and materials made from all kinds of fiber, natural, synthetic or man-made.

3. To carry on the business of manufacturers, importers and exporters, wholesalers and retail dealers of clothing and wearing apparel of every kind, hosiery goods of every kind, nature and description, carpets, durries, mats, rugs, namdas, blankets, shawls, tweeds, linens, flannels and all other articles of woolen and worsted materials and of all articles similar to the foregoing or any of them or connected therewith.

4. To carry on the business of fashion designers, drapers and dealers in cloth of all types and every description and makers and suppliers of clothing and garments of every kind of description, hosiers and dealers, importers and exporters of all types of readymade garments, all dresses made of natural, synthetic or blended textiles and of all types and of every description.

5. To construct and let out buildings, warehouses; to own, charter, hire and operate aeroplanes, ships, boats, launches and other means of transport and to carry on the business of ship-brokers, insurance brokers, managers of shipping property, stevedores, freight contractors, carriers by land, air and sea, barge owners, lightermen, fishermen, forwarding agents, ice merchants, refrigerating storekeepers, warehousemen and wharfingers.

6. To establish and conduct or discontinue or close agencies or branches and to employ agents in the carrying on of the business of the Company whether in India or elsewhere on such terms and conditions as may seem necessary or expedient.

7. To import, export, buy, sell, use, merchant and deal in carry, repair, alter, improve and exchange any machinery, plant, accessories, tools, appliances and apparatus.

Changes in the MoA:




Amendments made to the objects clause. Sub clauses 5, 6 and 7 were added to Clause III (A) of the MOA


The Authorised share capital of the Company was increased to Rs.144,25,00,000/- (Rupees One hundred forty four crores and twenty five lakhs only) divided into

  1. 32,00,000 Equity Shares of Rs.10/- each,  
  2. 6,00,000 9.75% Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares of Rs.5/- each &
  3. 28,15,00,000 9% Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares of Rs.5/- each

Board of Directors and Management:
The Board comprises five members. Its composition as of date, is as given below:

Sr. No.

Name, Designation, Father’s Name, Address, DIN and Occupation

Nationality / Age

Other Directorships


Shri V.R. Venkataachalam
S/o NPV Ramasamy Udayar
No. 24, Sir C.V. Raman Road,
Alwarpet, Chennai 600018.

DIN: 00037524

50 yrs

TCP Limited
Mohan Breweries and Distilleries Ltd
S.V. Sugar Mills Ltd
Thiruvalluvar Textiles Private Ltd
The Thirumagal Mills Ltd
Binny Ltd
Binny Engineering Ltd
Binny Lorze Ltd
Arthos Breweries Ltd
Freezing Products Ltd
New Horizon Sugar Mills Ltd
The Egmore Benefit Society Ltd


Shri V. Rajasekaran
Managing Director
S/o S. Vaithinathan
Plot No.449, 4th Sector,
18th Street, K.K. Nagar,
Chennai 600078.

DIN: 00037006
Company Executive

57 yrs

TCP Limited
The Egmore Benefit Society Ltd
Tanchem Imports & Exports P Ltd
Viceroy Chennai Hotels Pvt Ltd



Shri V. Sengutuvan
S/o V.R. Venkataachalam
No. 24, Sir C.V. Raman Road,
Alwarpet, Chennai 600018.

DIN: 00053629

23 yrs

TCP Limited
Thiruvalluvaar Textiles Pvt Ltd
Tanchem Imports & Exports P Ltd
Viceroy Chennai Hotels Pvt Ltd


Shri S. Natarajan
S/o Srinivasan
New No. 7,  Old No.4,
Crescent Avenue, K.P.Puram,
Chennai 600 028.

DIN: 00155988
Company Director

62 yrs

Shriram Capital Limited
Shriram Properties Limited
Shriram Properties and Infrastructure Limited
Binny Engineering Limited
Binny Lorze Limited
Alpha Energy Systems Limited


Shri S. Varatharajan
S/o P. Sivaraman
No. 34, III Main Road,
Chennai 600085.

DIN: 01819133

47 yrs

Nagoorar Enterprises Private Limited
Argo Carbonic Gases Private Ltd


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