Upon any sale, re-allotment or other disposal under the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the certificate or certificates originally issued in respect of the relative shares shall (unless the same shall on demand by the Company have been previously surrendered to it by the defaulting member) stand cancelled and shall become null and void and will be of no effect.

75.       Forfeiture by non-payment of other sums
The provisions as to forfeiture shall apply in the case of non-payment of any sum, which by the terms of issue of share, becomes payable at fixed time, whether on account of the amount of the share, or by way of premium, as if the same had been payable by virtue of call duly made and notified.

76.       Issue of new share certificate for share forfeited
Where any shares are sold, re-allotted or otherwise disposed of according to the provisions herein contained and the certificate thereof has not been delivered to the Company by the former holder of the said shares, the Board or its committee may issue a new certificate for such shares distinguishing them in such manner as they think fit from the certificate not so delivered.

77.       Board may annul forfeiture
The Board may at any time before any share so forfeited shall have been sold, re-allotted or other disposed of, annul forfeiture thereon on such conditions as they think fit or they may assign a smaller number of shares in respect of the paid-up value of forfeited shares.


78.       Notice by members
Every member shall leave in writing at the Registered Office of the Company his address in India and will also intimate to the Company any change therein from time to time.  Such address for all purposes shall be deemed to be his proper address.

79.       Authority to issue Notice
Any notice to be given by the Company shall be signed by such officer as may be authorized by the Board and the signature thereto may be written, printed, facsimiled, lithographed or stamped.

80.       Contents of Notice
Every notice of meeting of the Company shall specify the type of meeting, the place and the date and hour of meeting, and shall contain:

a statement of business to be transacted thereat

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