109.     Instrument of proxy to be deposited at office

The instrument appointing a proxy and the power of attorney or other authority, if any, under which it is signed or notarily certified copy of that power of attorney or authority shall be deposited at the Registered Office of the Company not less than forty-eight hours before the time for holding meeting at which the person named in the instrument proposes to vote, and in default thereof the instrument of proxy shall not be treated as valid.

110.     Instrument of proxy to remain in Company’s custody

If any such instrument of appointment be confined to the object or appointing an attorney or proxy substitute, it shall remain permanently or for such times as the Directors may determine, in the custody of the Company.  If it embraces other objects, a certified copy thereof shall be delivered to remain in the custody of the Company.

111.     Validity of votes given by proxy notwithstanding the death or insanity of members

A vote given in accordance with the terms of an instrument of proxy shall be valid notwithstanding the previous death or insanity of the Principal, or revocation of the proxy or of any power of attorney under which such proxy or the power of attorney was signed, or the transfer of the shares, in respect of which was signed, or the transfer of the share, in respect of which the vote is given, provided that no intimation in writing of the death or insanity, revocation or transfer shall have been received at the Registered Officer of the Company before the meeting.


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