External Risks:

  • Vulnerability to business cycles could affect the Company’s capacity to sustain a growth in income, profits and shareholders’ value.
  • Terrorist attacks and other acts of violence or war, including those involving India or other countries could adversely affect operations of the Company resulting in a loss of business confidence.
  • There has been no public market for the Equity Shares till now. The prices of the Equity Shares may fluctuate after listing due to a wide variety of factors, including volatility in the Indian and global securities markets; the Company’s operational performance, financial results and capacity expansion; developments in India’s economic liberalization and deregulation policies, particularly in the sectors in which the Company operates; and changes in Indian laws and regulations impacting the Company’s business. There is no assurance that an active trading market for the Equity Shares will develop or be sustained after listing.
  • This Section should also be read in conjunction with the Section titled “Outstanding Litigation and Material Developments”.


This is only a summary. Investors should read the following summary with the Risk Factors mentioned and the more detailed information about the Company and the Company’s financial statements included elsewhere in the Information Memorandum.

General Information:

Brief particulars of the Company:
The Company was incorporated on 20th December 2007 under the Companies Act, 1956. It obtained a Certificate for Commencement of business on 06th February 2008. The Registration Number of the Company is U17120TN2007PLC065807.

Registered Office:
TCP, Sapthagiri Bhavan, No. 4, Karpagambal Nagar
Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004
Tel: 91-44-2499 2115 Fax: 91-44-2499 1777
Website: www.bmlindia.com Email: binnymills@bmlindia.com

Address of the Registrar of Companies:
The Registrar of Companies
Block No.6, B Wing, II Floor
Shastri Bhawan,
26 Haddows Road, Chennai
Tamil Nadu - 600 006.
Phone: 044-28277182/28272676 Fax: 044-28234298
Email: roc.chennai@mca.gov.in

The Board consists of Mr. VR Venkataachalam Chairman, Mr. V Rajasekaran Managing Director, Mr. V Sengutuvan, Mr. S Varadharajan and Mr. S. Natarajan Independent Directors.

Brief particulars of the Directors are given separately.

T. Selvaraj & Co.,
Chartered Accountants,
No.32, Dewan Rama Road,
Purasawalkam, Chennai 600 084.
Tel No: 91-44 – 2642 8861, 4207 5569
Fax No:91-44 – 2642 8861
E-mail : tsrandco@gmail.com website: tsr-co@eth.net 

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